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Claus-Juergen Claussen's Assembler Homepage

Useful small utilities for DOS and DOS boxes under Windows

Intended for batch programming and file handling

This site will be updated from time to time.
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In 1995 I started writing several batch programs to make the work with the computer easier. I found out, that the commands usable in batch files were not very powerful and a lot of functionality was missing.

So I began to write my own DOS utilities. In 1996 I published the XECHO program collection and some years later the EWC program. It was (and is up to now) my intention to make the programs as tiny as possible in order to make the batch processing as fast as possible (it's the nature of batch files to run as fast as a snail, so I should not delay them even more).

Everything I have coded until now, I have written in assembly language. This site will report my experience. Results, which are good enough to be released to everyone, will be placed here. Suggestions and critics are very welcome.

XECHO and EWC were programmed for DOS use only. Since the DOS boxes under the Windows operating systems do not support the complete functionality of DOS, XECHO and EWC do not work properly in the DOS boxes of WinNT, 2k and higher. XEWC is a modified EWC and is compatible with the DOS boxes of WinNT, 2k etc. In future, I shall write only programs, which work also in DOS boxes as perfectly as under DOS itself.

The main differences between DOS boxes and genuine DOS are:

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